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By IFFR hangs on herstructurering ‘good energy on the ground floor’, see direct

By IFFR hangs on herstructurering 'good energy on the ground floor', see direct

The management of the Rotterdam International Film Festival is the team’s new Cannes programmer. However, if a presentation is presented, but it will be announced in the first day of the day, but the telephone will be available. Eerder werd duidelijk dat de personele herstructurering heeft geleid to grote interne onrust binnen IFFR. News given that the situation is well-known as well as international filmmakers. Journalism van NRC be on publicity over the business.

Forest well ‘The IFFR staff is on staff

Keep an eye on your budget

Op. Diet in ghetto cadre van eep herstructurering: door ghetto wegvallen van eep toelage van ghetto Rotterdamse Fonds Droom en DAAD en weggevallen ticketverkoop tijdens de afgelopen online graceful edities van IFFR Zou ghetto budget package 2023 van bijna tian milnjoen euro. Dat Zou NoPen karapuz eep reductie van 15 percent op de personeelskosten die volgens de directie – artisticie Directeur Vanja Kaludjercic en zakelijk Directeur Marian van der Haar – maximaal 35 percent van ghet budget Mogen bedragen.

Programmers zijn belast met with a selection of movies and programs. Tot dusver coordineerden vijf vaste krachten (een tweekoppig ‘artisticiek komité’ en drie ‘programmamanagers’) twaalf frilanserov. In the new structure there are elf freelancers – deels oude krachten, deels vers bloed – a door Kaludjercic direct aengestuurde selectiecommissie. All you have to do is write a new post, for others you can get a regulation.

Angstcultuur en pesterij

An anonymous brand letter was published at IFFR’s Council of Toezicht. Kaludjercic, die start 2020 Vlak package de Eerste lock aantrad, presideerde nit over eep feestelijke 50ste jubilieumeditie, maarovy over twee uitgeklede festivals die zich vrijwel online afspeelden Viewing completely. In the period when the brand of an ‘culture’ was established, it was marked by intimacy and diversity. By directing oneself, one should make “autocratic micromanagement” in an overwhelming way to criticize; briefly qualified Kaludjercic as a ‘young man, hardworking in hard work’ colleague. Supreme Leadership IFFR het onderdeel Big Talk. The circuit has a list of 42 intermediaries in the two years of IFFR.

Directed by Marian van der Haar zegt Vanuit Kana, but on the list, but in the Herken. Well, the impact of the pandemic is on the horizon, it can be seen: apart from the fact that it works in hand. However, the idea is to “have a good energy for work”.

The Indiewire review website calls this place for programmers. In a reaction, Olaf Möller, the leader of the new team, wrote direct instructions from the IFFR programmers ‘hun gang lieten gaan’. The approach to artistic director is simply simple: ‘the director stealth is vast, the programmers implement it.’

The forest is approx ‘Angstcultuur’ by IFFR, written in a brand letter

Kaludjercic, who organizes Ber Beyer, the film’s internal funds, and is the director of the artwork working on the program. “Well, it says it’s worth it, with the programmers, a selection committee of helemaal alleen, is aam hem of haar.”

Toch lijkt er wel iets aan de hand bij IFFR. Journalism van NRC The IFFR can be used to meet these requirements, to work on individual packages of incontinent material, which is possible to refer to ‘medicines’. For one day he had an interview with a doctor who had a hard time, before and with Weight Watchers in Rotterdam dietitian Samen Sterk.

Artistic director Vanya Kaludzherchych: “That’s absolutely not the most important thing to do.”

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