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Break met the tradition: Princess Amalia in Amsterdam Algemeen

Princess Amalia started working at a college at the University of Amsterdam, met with a Bachelor of Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics (PPLE). Eerdere troonopvolgers gingen in Leiden studeren.

The studio has a well-established selection procedure, the Princesses of Orange, which is open to the public, which is one of the most important lighting services.

In September gaat zij in Amsterdam von. Er wordt woonruimte gehuurd die de prinses zal delen met enkele medestudenten. The study of the princess is said to be safe and easy, aldus de RVD.

The case of Princess Amalia is remarkable: a variety of people from the royal family can be found in a study at the University of Leiden in the future and an editorial office.

Prince Willem-Alexander traded in 1987 as the last of the university voetsporen van zijn moeder Beatrix, tante Margriet en Oma Juliana and begon aan een Studies Geschiedenis in Leiden. In 1993 he studied af.

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