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Boston Celtics Basketball Players in NBA Finals in Miami Heat | There is a sport

The basketball players from the Boston Celtics came out to duel with the Miami Heat, which won the NBA Finals. The De Celtics won in Miami 93-80 and were selected in their publication. In 2010, the NBA team started in the finals of the highest competition in America.

The Boston Celtics took first place in the finals of the Best Series series in Austen. Miami Heath was the first duel to take place, but the Celtic races to stand on horseback. Woensdagavond ў Фларидзе stand of thuisclub halverwege de wedstrijd met 5 punten voor. The Boston Celtics trot this duel in this derde quart ehter naar zih legs.

Jason Tatum made 22 rebounds and made 12 rebounds, Jaylen Brown was in the top shooter Bay de Celtics met with 25 rebounds. Bij de Heat moest het vooral comen van Bam Adebayo (18 points). Jimmy Butler, top of the top heat, 13 times.

In the western part of the Golden State Warriors is involved with the company and joins the NBA Grand Final. De Warriors became the Dallas Mavericks met with a score of 3-1. The beach in San Francisco can be used for a series of public appearances.

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