Home World Biden contributed to Trump to see the U.S. military in Somalia

Biden contributed to Trump to see the U.S. military in Somalia

Biden contributed to Trump to see the U.S. military in Somalia

De VS stuurt opnieuw militairen naar Samaliƫ om daar te helpen met de strijd tegen terrorisme. With this word, a speech by President Trump was made. In 2020, by 2020, there will be 700 troops stationed on East African soil.

The new mission has been extended to a maximum of 500 American military, and witnes house. The military is in the region of gestation. America is on the other side of a large country in Djibouti.

The military did not come to Samalia, but “on an episodic basis” to work in the country. On the other hand, there is the opportunity to return to America and to reach out to the other countries of al-Shabaab. The Pentagon does not want the strategy to work, but it is necessary to make a permanent decision on the permanence of the American government.

The Pentagon is responsible for the US military’s efforts, but it is also important to train in the world.

President of Newwe

Het Americaanse besluit geldt als opsteker for the new President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud. They are trying to find a way for parliamentarians. Hij was President of Somalia van Somalia in 2012 before the 2017 meeting.

Het centrale gezag in Somalia is erg zwak. Regional members in terrourgical areas have control over large areas of land. The extremist Islamic movement of Al-Shabaab has been regulated in the lower reaches of the city of Magadis.

In Somalia, 22,000 trophies of the African Union have been appointed. In 2024, the Somali people will be able to stay in the country in a state of mission.

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