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Benefits of International Extracurricular Care

Modern children need different competencies for the society of the future. Extracurricular care makes an important contribution to the development of these competencies. Big Ben Kids explains.

A new profile of professional competence

In 2013 Vetenschappelijke Raad voor het Regeringsbeleid (WRR) stated that the education and care of children must undergo a qualitative shift to train future employees. The childcare sector is an enterprising (young) sector, and in recent years a new profile of professional competence for practicing children has been developed, while the qualification specification (teaching materials and exam requirements) has been adapted.

Shadow education

Children are entitled to 940 teaching hours per year, but ambitions continue to grow and challenges grow. Extracurricular care offers a solution. Children need extra attention outside of school. For children whose parents can afford it, there is a growing “shadow education” that offers extra lessons, homework supervision, remedial training and assistance in developing executive skills (learning to plan and organize), as well as musical, sports and other talents. -developing activities.

Extracurricular care is good for children’s development. When children are at home after school, without the extra attention they need, their development is less successful.

Good balance

Moreover, post-school care offers non-performance-oriented activities. Instead, the emphasis is on collaborative play and activities. It is a place where children make friends, meet children of different ages and develop in a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. Children play a lot on the street, discovering talents through materials and activities, and older children are given the right tasks. Children are supported in finding a good balance between planned activities, leisure and, if necessary, homework.

Extracurricular care is more than just (material) care for your child

The afternoon in an after-school care service or institution is mostly characterized by inspiration, challenge and variety.

As children grow, major areas will help them develop skills in specific areas of literacy, math, understanding the world, and self-expression through art and design. Early school children develop best in a safe environment where they are given space and they need to be able to make, experiment and make their own decisions. In this phase of development, children learn to take responsibility for themselves and their environment, for the group and the environment.

This cooperative way of learning increases the participation of children and has a positive effect on their success, personal development, social and emotional development.

Of course, in the tract after school children are offered fun and challenging free time. Much attention is paid to their socio-emotional development – from the development they will enjoy throughout life. Working together on projects, they not only learn to work together, but also to organize games and purposefully plan to achieve results together.

An important manifesto

In 2019 Kinderopvang Branch Organization, Branchorganisatie Maatschappelijke Kinderopvang and BOinK co-wrote the manifesto “Consolidate a unique childcare experience”. In it, they emphasize that childcare is beneficial for the development of young children (ages zero to six), makes an important contribution to the broad development of older children’s talents (ages 6 to 12) and offers valuable support (and services) parents. The manifesto calls for greater use of the unique childcare experience. It also emphasizes the importance of educating and caring for children in recognizing each other’s experiences.

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