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Beleggers wrote on Facebook’s Facebook post

Meta Platforms, the managing company of Facebook, was last year a shy verlizer on Wall Street that was operating in Cheryl Sandberg’s main business. The 52-year-old American stand stands behind one of the driving forces behind the success of social media concessions. Beleggers zetten heat aandeel Meta na het nieuws over haar beslissing bijna 3 percent lager.

Sandberg kwam ў 2008 г. в Facebook en werd alom beschouwd als het zakelijke genie achter de onderneming die vorig jaar goed was voor bijna 120 miljard dollar aan omzet. The best topman Mark Zuckerberg was ze ook he belangrijkste gezicht van het bedrijf. The following Facebook has been published in public for a long time, but it has been very critical of it, but it is also important for you to be at home, racism and nonsense. To his own mind, Sandberg is a time to work for philanthropic thinking. Ze gaat niet helemaal weg bij Meta, ze blijft na haar stap terug later dit jaar nog wel wel een zetel houden in het bestuur.

New Belarusian agricultural meters in New York are rejuvenated by new macro-economic figures. Good thing you have to use top man Jamie Diman from JPMorgan Chase Bank. When it comes to paying attention to those who work on the financial markets, the Federal Reserve is now open to rent rentals in Rusland without any war in Ukraine.

The Dow Jones index is 0.5 percent light at 32,813.23 points. The samengestelde S&P 500 breed is 0.8 percent to 4,101.23 points and the Nasdaq speelde technology is 0.7 percent to 11,994.46 percent.

Softwarebedrijf Salesforce (plus 9.9 percent) was very good at track-hit markers. Understanding, the business software, which with solid quarter results results in high winnings for the sake of health. Salesforce is a great source of energy.

Warner Bros. Discovery. Wist de aandacht op zich gericht. The British marketing brand of the British telecommunications company BT, which is engaged in sports, as well as broadcast in Warner Bros. Discovery. It is a media company, its own identity is from HBO, Discovery Channel and Eurosport, more than 4 percent.

The euro was $ 1.0650 worth, and $ 1.0639 was the slot of the European currency before the day. One American oil is 0.1 percent worth of $ 114.78. Brentolie Steeg 0.2 percent in price to $ 115.80 per pd.

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