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Band Andy Fletcher (60) from the British band Depeche Mode listed Show

Andy Fletcher, musician and performer of the British band Depeche Mode, is a 60-year-old leader. This is a band, backed by hits People are peopleJ.ust Can’t Get Enough be Enjoy the silenceon Twitter.

“We are in a state of shock when we believe that he is a friend, family and band of Andy Fletcher,” he said in a statement. je klaar als je hem nodig had, als je een goed gesprek wilde, even wilde lachen of als je een koud biertje wilde drinken ».

The Britse band served with a family member from Fletcher’s family and returned to confidentiality. Er is nog geen doodsoorzaak bekend gemaakt.

International success

Fletch maakte al muziek sinds de jaren 70. Depeche Mode was formed in 1980 with Martin Gore, Dave Gahan, Vince Clark and Fletcher at Brits in Basildon. Zij boekten eind jaren 80 en begin jaren 90 eenorom international succes met nummers als Personal Jesus be Enjoy the Silence. The band will be in 2020 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

In the case of Fletcher, there are two other bands. Eind jaren ’70 richtj hij samen met Vince Clark, one of the medioprichters of Depeche Mode, from the band No Romance In China op. Nadat with Martin Gore studied kennen, vormden de drie een nieuwe band: Composition Of Sound. In 1980, Dave Gahan starred in the event in Depeche Mode. Clark Hift in 1981, releasing his debut album “Speak & Spell”, a relocated band. Hi Alan Wilder.

A musician in Nottingham, as well as the name Depeche Mode, which is preserved in new albums. This is the most recent album released in 2017. Later, Fletcher will work as a DJ.

Fans of van de nad de hele have been posted on social media containing mass to mass. ,, Andy Fletcher. This is a moeilijk nieuws om te verwerken. Depeche Mode is all you need. 60 is ook nog zo jong, ”write on Twitter. Iemand Anders Schreef: “What a very new news.”

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