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Augustine and Van Ransbeek won the NTR Podcastprijs

Photo: ANP

Pauline Augustine and Cineke van Ransbeck won podcasts NTR podcasts 2022. Hun podcasts from the day in Tyvali-Vredenburg in Utrecht met nearby the corresponding high awards and tweed prizes that were received in NTR.

Augustine maakte met Le Village des Fous een gedramatiseerde documentaryaire over e onverklaarbare gekkenplaag in een Frans dorpje in 1951. «Gedurfd en tof», noemde de jury deze inzending in haar juryrapport. “The semi-fictional worm is intriguing, the actors being overwhelmed by the world-famous work in the world.”

From tweed to Van Ransbeck’s prices for the documentary Stormjager, most Dutch people die as a result of the tornado. The jury of the jury “is an instinct with a lot of air and humor, color figures in a poetic relationship”.

NTR Podcastprijs is an online medicine spray for other podcastmakers from the Netherlands and Belgium. The jury was crowned with winners.

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