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ASML and Crazy Science has a school-based technology

The basescholen hebben drie jaar lang de mogelijkheid om zich in te schrijven. Alle deelnemende klassen (groep 1 tot en met 8) krijgen zes keer per jaar techniekles waarbij én les ingaat op de rol van de microchip in ons dagelijks leven. It is a great place to visit before starting in September. Scholen kunnen zich inschrijven via site deze.

The power of technology

ASML is everything that happens in technological and technical condition. “If you don’t want to be able to give you the opportunity to watch the technique in the world,” said Lucas van Greenswen, head of communications at ASML. “We have always been able to find young people in the future: work in technology is interesting, worthwhile and very safe. The technology is based on the talent of all kinds of people. Get your feet, young technicians at your disposal.

Uniek in the Netherlands

Frank Rientis, aprytar Mad Science, serves as: This is a unique one in the Netherlands. A practical opportunity for children, girls, pub students and students of great scale to learn to play with technology. This is a program that has a strong impact in the Brainport region.

Doors: Nationale Onderwijsgids

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