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Amazing life

Amazing life

Hello everyone! So, a new year, new tastes of the pandemic, new challenges and a new future. Yes, I know it’s March, so I didn’t add “that’s up”. Honestly, my life has turned a little upside down these days. I think it’s mostly because of my decision to make a career shift towards the art spectrum to try to make a living from it.

Random strangers

So, how do you go about implementing the aforementioned newly chosen career path? One goes online and starts using Instagram. Before you smile even more at this previous sentence, note that I’m 42 years old, I haven’t used Instagram before and it’s probably outdated due to the prevailing method of communication these days – I don’t know TikTok or anything like that.

Although I learned a lot. I had serious conversations with random strangers from all over the world. Usually I am asked: 1) where am I from (Amsterdam), 2) how old am I (still 42) and 3) send them my photo. Note, I do not mind sending photos. But I usually follow the first question where I draw a small map of Europe. Obviously, this doesn’t always work, so I usually keep asking questions in undermining mode, i.e. How long are you now? * At this point I hear someone furiously beating Google maps *

The new artist

But the thing is, I chose a life where I choose to be a new artist. With all the benefits (so far none) and all the feelings of freedom in the pursuit of what you really love to do in life. I can have lots and lots of fun borrowing people who try to sell me things online (and they often succeed because, for example: I write this in leopard print, I love a baby with a cap and bathrobe), but the fact is that i don’t know what i’m doing. I’ve never tried this before, but I do.

And then I see how easily we just accept that life stops after 10pm these days.

Amazing life

I talked to a random 21-year-old stranger on the train home, returning from rehearsals with my band, and caught myself asking him: how is this okay for you? How do you grow up, how do you meet people? How to get in trouble? How are you a new adult in a world that is mostly digital? When I was his age, my life was amazing, I thought. But I have a feeling that this generation is superior to me in this regard. I just hope they can become themselves and pursue their dreams.

The world needs artists. Whatever form they decide to take.

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