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Almost all trains run normally after the NS is shut down on Sunday

Almost all trains run normally after the NS is shut down on Sunday

Travelers to the Netherlands stayed on Sunday Netherlands Spoorwegen (NS) there was a power outage across the country and all trains were canceled. On Monday morning, NS announced that the issue was resolved and that all trains were running again, but there would be some deviations from the usual schedule.

All trains in the Netherlands were canceled on 3 April

Around noon on April 3, the Dutch train operator noticed a technical failure in their computer systems, which led to problems with staff schedules and train schedules for travelers.

Initially NS announced that due to a technical failure the trains would not run for about 17 hours. It was later postponed to 8pm, but by Sunday evening the company had announced that, although the problems had been resolved, all trains scheduled for Sunday would be canceled “due to the huge impact of IT failures”. .

NS has offered bus replacement services for passengers whose travel plans have been thwarted, although the cancellation of trains has led to chaos at stations in various Dutch cities and at Schiphol Airport.

NS solves problems, teaches back and works

On Monday morning, NS announced that trains were running again on their usual schedule, but for passengers there would be small differences. “Because of the shutdown yesterday, many trains were out of place,” the company said in a statement. “So last night our colleagues were busy getting the trains back to the right place.”

As a result of these unexpected difficulties, anyone hoping to take public transport on Monday may notice that “the length of trains may differ from what [they] usually used to [and] the type of train may be different than usual ”.

NS apologized to all those affected by the cancellations over the weekend: “We are well aware that yesterday we with great appeal called for the understanding and independence of the traveler. This is not what our travelers can expect from us and what they are used to from us. ” NS investigates the causes of technical difficulties and continues to encourage passengers to re-check the NS Travel Planner before traveling.

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