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Acht politieagenten gewond geraakt bij rellen ADO-Excelsior

Photo: ANP

He is a total agent of those who were forced to take part in a round trip from ADO to The Hague for an excellent day. Eerder was at the end of the day when the agents of the war had been arrested. Only agents can be found at home. There is no reason to forget about the land.

From the point of view of the court, the opinion should be maintained, and the day should be extended to the right of the commissioner. It’s about two Hagenaars, a man from Rijswijk and a man from Leidschendam. In a way that makes sure you find yourself on the other side of the road, you will be able to find the right one. Over hun zaak zal poznej worden belist.

In the playoffs to promote you to The Hague. ADO had de wedstrijd verloren na strafschoppen en liep zo promotie mis. ADO fans are better at storming and playing with Excelsior fans in the stands. Outside the stadium there are political agents with walls. An agent of a war with a flap with an iron staff.

The police are looking for more information and will not be allowed. Mensen met foto’s en filmpjes van de rellen worden opgeroepen deze naar de politie te sturen.

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