Home Netherlands A song festival in Oekraïne is open to the public

A song festival in Oekraïne is open to the public

A song festival in Oekraïne is open to the public

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Can Oekraïne wel of niet het Eurovision Song Contest organized? It is a great opportunity for the Kalush Orchestra to open a tour of the opening hours in Turijn.

Traditiegetrouw is a winemaking land that is a year in Europe, but there is a lot to do with Russia. The De Oekraïense delegation spent a week in Turin to organize a song festival.

Sietse Bakker, die dit jaar na zijn rol als uitvoerend produnce van he songfestival in Rotterdam toegetreden is tot de Reference Group of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), vond he eerder deze week to vroeg om te speculeren of the speculeren of Oekraïzou song wel of the not the Reference Group of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). Organizer. It was well known that the Reference Group, an international song festival, had a great time coming to the Kalush Orchestra to win a concert.

“I think that this day is the day when the point of non-return is over”: at any moment I can no longer understand what it is like in Kiev, “Bakker said. He has been organizing a song festival for a long time. “It simply came to our notice then. It is a leg of a warlike situation. In the highest order, I will give you a good idea of ​​what to do ».

The EBU has a specific rule for a country that organizes a song festival. Er Bakgen’s three-year-olds: the event is a land that has recently been organized, a land that has been short of a Junior Song Festival is the most famous of one of the Big Five countries.

De laatste keer dat een land van organisatie afzag was in 1979, so that Israel in eigen land nogmaals won. The year of the song festival in the Netherlands was open to the public on Fridays, and the event was held in 1976 in the Netherlands.

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