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A new source in streamingland

A new source in streamingland

For serial fame it was even in 2022. In 2022, stories were created from the name of HBO anywhere in the Netherlands. This is a new drama series by Tienerdrugs Euphoria? A sensation on social media, but not on legal grounds. In fantasyhit Game of Thrones? Een van de grootste series ooit gemaakt, was alleen te bekijken door een dvd’tje op te snorren of door je in dubieuze bochten te wringen.

You can use exclusive HBO titles through movies and TV series from Ziggo Cable Cable. Die licentie eindigde January 1. For 8 months HBO Maanden is a broadcast of war conglomerates WarnerMedia. Not just all the HBO series, but also the Warner series. Hoewel de streamingdinst laat op de markt komt, die al overvol en verdeeld lijkt, verwacht HBO Max de bestaande diensten geduchte koncurrentie te gaan bieden. It is necessary to include marketing Netflix, which has new features: Videoland, Disney +, NPO Plus and Amazon Prime Video. Sports enthusiasts can be there on March 1 via ViaPlay or more Formula 1 races.

“We had to go to the Netherlands in the Netherlands”, – directed by Kristina Sulebak. After the last night, HBO Max shot a big game in the Netherlands. A representative in Amsterdam spoke out NRC over the rest of the service. Om Nederlanders over te halen, gaat de dienst stunten met prijzen. “We have a great strategy for our country. In the Netherlands, there is a company ”, said Sulebakk. In March the cost of a subscription is three euros per month. In March, the regular price will be up to the euro. Terminology: Netflix costs just a euro.

Quality series

Betaalzender HBO appeared in 1999 in VS dé plek voor kwaliteitsseries, met invloedrijke titels als Soprano, Six feet below be Wire. Britain’s Amy, the Belarusian-American television award, won on HBO. Tactics: A relative series that matters. This Anders and Netflix, this gelooft in zo veel mogelijk maken, in iedere categorie. In 2021, create Netflix in order to stay Amy. The strategy of “Minder is Beter” is explained by the American HBO Max launcher in May 2020. The most popular series of footsteps has been developed on the occasion of the parade of HBO, but with the help of Max the word is very popular. It works with streaming television.

Forest Ok: Netflix comes in handy to win Emmy’s

HBO Max will include all the features for publishing HBO Doors. After a series of volumes, no money Continuity , the most beautiful crown family over a media family will be able to get the most out of it. To create a traditional HBO series, you can create a Max Originals series, a series that will be rich in audiences. Met Sex life of female students, Flight attendant be And just like that… (upholsterer van Sex in the big city) tested the service that catches you.

Well, it’s the local level that will create more HBO Max. The service makes a series in Sweden and Spain. Nederlandse productsies zijn in de maak, al wil Sulebakk geen detali. “Lokale productsies zijn belangrijk”, Aldus Sulebak. “It simply came to our notice then. We are looking for drama programs on our own program (reality) ». Nederlandse series zijn belangrijk voor de band met het publiek, maar ook omdat de Europese overheid een bepaald percentage eigen productsies eist. Volgens Sulebakk is de vraag naar plaatselijke series veel groter in Spain, Duitsland and Frankrijk and bijvoorbeeld in Scandinavia and the Netherlands – culturen die al meer gericht zijn op de Angelsaksische cultuur.

A new valve for the cinema?

Oudere Titels trekken ook abonnees en daarom heeft HBO Max de rechten van nog altijd popular sitcoms als Friends (1994–2004) be The big bang theory (2007–2019). One other trophy: warner movies, zoals Dune be Batman, comment up to 45 days on bioscooprelease on the platform. A new flap for bioscopes: the ‘window’ can be removed from the films in the bios and at the moment they are waiting for their comments, so they can see. Warner stands here not all in. Netflix doesn’t have the best movies for bio and en Disney movies, but it’s great for great movies, well-known from its own Pixar studio, and for its streaming service. Subscribe to this great white box and bioscoopers. The movement was not limited to the time of the pandemic.

We own this city Paul Shiraldi / HBO

This series of HBO warriors will always be available. In 2022, the word is unique from the long-awaited Game of Thrones polished, received Dragon House. The original series, a published book by George R. R. Martin, and a sense of pop culture. Dragon House is shared by the book Vuur & Bloed van Martin en gaat over a period waarin de family Targaryen heerst over he fictieve Westeros. Hun macht hebben ze te danken aan draken, maar hun plek op de troon zal geen stand houden.

We don’t have much fun with flying fantasies can be seen on the new series by David Simon, the famous maker of Wire, volgens veel critiques een van de beste series ooit gemaakt. Met We own this city keert hij terug naar de straten van Baltimore, de stad waar Wire zich ook afspeelde. The miniseries were able to do something corrupt. The series does not have structural political differences in terms of value.

More airs coming The Golden Agea new costume series by Julian Fellowes, the best Downton Abbey. This keer brengt de Britse baron ons naar boom New York, eind 19de-eeuw. Passend in de tijdgeest geeft Fellowes ook ruimte aan de emancipatie van vrouwen af ​​afro-mericanen in die jaren. A van hoofdpersonen is a black scribe.

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